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Sunlight Medical Unveils Two New Products For Assessing Skeletal Strength, Ages 0 - 90
World Osteoporosis Congress, Chicago (June 15, 2000) Sunlight Medical today unveiled the new Sunlight OmnisenseTM 7000S and 7000P, designed to assess bone strength in adults and children respectively. These products represent an important step forward in the diagnosis of bone strength in general, and in the diagnosis of osteoporosis in particular.

The Omnisense 7000S is a second-generation product based on the Omnisense bone strength assessment technology developed by Sunlight. It measures the speed of sound (SOS) of an ultrasonic wave propagating along the bone, indicating overall bone strength according to a combination of bone mineral density, elasticity, and other structural properties.

"We are very excited with the new Omnisense 7000S," says Dr. Chen Barir, Chairman and CEO of Sunlight, "particularly because we have developed it according to our customers' requests for a smaller footprint and higher portability. Weighing less than seven kilograms, it is a completely portable solution, ideally suited for primary care clinics and hospitals worldwide."

The Omnisense 7000S is backward compatible with first-generation Omnisense devices. All data collected with first-generation Omnisense devices can be transferred easily to the Omnisense 7000S.

The Sunlight Omnisense 7000P uses similar technologies to assess skeletal strength in children from birth, including pre-term infants. "More and more, bone health research indicates that inadequate bone strength development during critical growth years may lead to poor skeletal health and osteoporosis later in life," states Dr. Irit Yaniv, Vice President and Medical Director of Sunlight. "That is why we have taken our unique bone strength assessment technology one step further and adapted it for assessing bone strength development in children and adolescents."

With the Omnisense 7000S and the addition of the 7000P, Dr. Yaniv notes, "The Omnisense system now enables life-long bone strength assessment by providing a single, high-quality measurement tool that covers a patient from birth through the age of 90. And can be utilized by primary care physicians as well as gynecologists, endocrinologists, pediatricians..."