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The Omnipath® Advantage
Omnipath®, Sunlight Omnisense's unique, patented axial transmission technology, also know as A-QUS (axial quantitative ultrasound), provides comprehensive and accurate bone strength assessment.

A Breakthrough Technology
Omnisense's innovative technology is based on the measurement of the speed of ultrasonic waves propagating along the bone. Omnipath technology enables measurement along the bone's maximal strength axis, eliminating soft tissue effects and providing an accurate diagnosis. Axially transmitted speed of sound (SOS) is independent of bone size and body size (that is, the height and weight of the patient).

Speed of Sound
Omnisense generates inaudible high-frequency pulsed acoustic waves. Ultrasonic
waves are successively transmitted and received by transducers embedded in the hand-held ultrasound probe. By measuring the propagation time along the different trajectories
(Time of Flight), the SOS of the bone is determined.

Bone Strength Assessment You Can Rely On
As ultrasound waves pass through bone, the speed, dispersion, and attenuation of the signals are strongly influenced by density, elasticity and cohesiveness. The higher the density of the bone, the greater its modulus of elasticity, and the more cohesive its microstructure, the faster the speed of propagation. Therefore, the faster the speed of propagation, the stronger the bone.

Omnisense is designed to perform measurements along bones such as the distal 1/3 radius, the phalanx, the tibia, and the metatarsal. Results, when used in conjunction with clinical risk factors, aid the physician in the management, diagnosis, and monitoring of osteoporosis.

US PATENT # 6221019 (International patents pending)

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