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Sunlight Omnisense® 8000S Ultrasound Bone Sonometer
Technical Specifications

ManufacturerSunlight Medical
ModelSunlight Omnisense® 8000S
Measurement Precision and AccuracyRMS CV = 0.4% - 0.8% in-vivo precision,
depending on site
0.25% to 0.5% instrumental accuracy,
depending on probe
Measurement Sites
  • Distal 1/3 radius (forearm)
  • Proximal phalanx III (finger)
  • Metatarsal V (foot)
  • Mid-shaft tibia (lower leg)
TechnologyQuantitative ultrasound, using Omnipath®
axial transmission technology
Measured parameterAxially transmitted speed of sound (SOS),
expressed in m/sec
Scan timeLess than one minute per skeletal site
Data AnalysisCompares SOS results with reference database
and reports T-scores and Z-scores
Regulations and CertificationsIEC 60601-1, IEC 60601-1-2 Class B,
Part 15 of the FCC rules, Class B,
CE Mark
Display12.1" TFT color LCD display
User InterfaceMini keyboard, integrated mouse
  • 100-240V (autoswitchable)
  • ~50-60 Hz
Power consumptionApproximately 80 VA
Unit dimensionsW x H x D
37.5 cm. x 28.5 cm. x 13.6 cm.
WeightApproximately 6 1/2 kg.
PrintersStandard PC printers; Recommended list of
printers appears in User Guide
Backup PlatformsCD-RW drive (approx. 580 MB)
3.5" drive (1.44 MB)
Special Features
  • Windows operating system
  • Proprietary analysis software for OmnipathTM
  • Radiation-free
  • Precise and accurate, enabling effective monitoring
  • Multi-site measurement
  • On-screen comparison and trending of
    prior results and reports
  • Patient scheduling and database management
  • Multi-media training tutorial
  • Quick set-up
  • Supplied with soft carrying case

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