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Tetrax - The Complete Balance System

Tetrax is a system designed to test balance and stability non-invasively and provide balance training for patients. The Tetrax system is the best way to accurately diagnose stability problems and pinpoint their source. The device is in use in rehabilitation and ENT clinics, sport medicine centers, and geriatric treatment centers around the world. With its user-friendliness and accurate, non-invasive testing, it has become an important focus of overall health for patients with a wide range of problems.

With up to 50% of senior citizens and 20-30% of all adults at risk of falling or dizziness, balance testing has also become an increasingly important standard test for adult patients, often used alongside bone strength testing with Sunlight Omnisense for comprehensive fracture risk testing for the patient.

Four Points of Reference for Informative Results
Tetrax is the only system available that measures balance at four different reference points, each yielding separate signals of pressure fluctuations. This enables the evaluation of sway patterns for each of the four foot parts and assessment of the interaction between them, obtaining new parameters of postural control in addition to traditional measures of stability. These balance parameters, which provide important diagnostic information for the physician and are used to calculate the fall risk index, are not available on any other posturographic device. A wide range of clinical studies supports the use of the device.

An Invaluable Tool for the Physician
The physician can use Tetrax to identify the underlying problems that affect falling for the individual patient, as well as his functional capacity. Tetrax also has the ability to monitor the changes in an individual patient during the course of treatments in a quantitative and subjective way - providing a reliable way for the physician to follow up on treatment and tailor treatment programs to the individual patient.

The device is CE approved and FDA listed.

The Tester Wizard

We take pleasure to announce that the inventor of the Tetrax System, Prof. Reuven Kohen-Raz, has developed a program called “Testing The Tester Wizard” in an effort to provide and impart a more in-depth understanding of the Tetrax parameters. In the process of taking the tests contained in this “WIZARD”, the user will come away with a much deeper perspective, appreciation and interpretation in the meaning of the results. This will help immensely in designing an appropriate rehabilitation regime or program for the benefit of patients.

We welcome any question you may in our continuing effort to make the Tetrax the medical device of choice in the assessment of balance and the use of the device in the recovery and rehabilitation phases.

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