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Sunlight Omnisense® 8000S

Osteoporosis Management - Anytime, Anywhere
Sunlight Omnisense® 8000S is a high-end mobile bone assessment device that delivers high precision and accuracy along with user-friendly, radiation-free measurement at multiple skeletal sites. Omnisense 8000S offers complete portability, providing the ideal mobile bone assessment solution for the clinics and physicians that require it.

Setting a New Standard in Bone Strength Assessment
Omnisense 8000S is the only portable bone assessment device on the market today with measurement at multiple skeletal sites. Measurement with Omnisense 8000S is based on Omnipath®, a patented technology developed for diagnosing and monitoring osteoporosis. With its convenience in portability, quick-set-up, and compactness, Omnisense 8000S can also be used as a shared resource or a mobile service.

Point-of-Care Solution
Omnisense 8000S is a compact self-contained device based on a familiar Windows user interface. The Omnisense concept embodies unique patient history and scheduling features which enable you to easily track measurement history and monitor treatment.

Performance. Portability. Perfection.
Compact and portable
Measurement at multiple skeletal sites
Ethnicity-based male and female reference databases
Fits WHO criteria for osteoporosis diagnosis
FDA and CE approved


Technical Specifications

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