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Sunlight Omnisense® 7000S

Setting The Standard In Bone Strength Assessment
Sunlight Omnisense® 7000S is based on a breakthrough
technology developed for diagnosing and monitoring osteoporosis.

It is the only radiation-free multi-site device on the market today.
Fast, comfortable, and easy to use, Omnisense is designed for your clinic.

Point-of-Care Solution
Omnisense 7000S is a compact self-contained device based on the familiar Windows user interface. The Omnisense concept embodies unique patient history and scheduling features which enable you to easily track measurement history and monitor treatment.

Omnisense 7000S comes with complete training support, including a practice mode and a training video. Device operation can be mastered in just a few hours. An exclusive built-in data storage capability and compatibility between units allows you to import and export data from other Omnisense devices. A full-page, comprehensive printed report, with an easy-to-understand graph that charts patient measurement history, makes the Omnisense a comprehensive point-of-care solution.

A downloadable risk factors questionnaire prepared by Sunlight can help you assess your patients' risk factors for osteoporosis quickly and easily.

A recent wide population-based study in the United States, the National Osteoporosis Risk Assessment study, concluded that peripheral bone assessment devices are highly predictive of fracture risk. The study recommended the use of these devices in primary care to identify and manage osteoporosis. Omnisense is a peripheral bone assessment device specifically designed for the management of osteoporosis in primary care.

Worldwide Standards
Precise, reliable and accurate, Omnisense 7000S allows you to make better informed diagnostic decisions with confidence.

Includes selectable ethnic male and female reference databases

Fits WHO criteria for osteoporosis diagnosis

FDA and CE approved

Technical Specifications