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Omnipath® - A Breakthrough Technology
Omnipath®,PREMIER's patented axial transmission technology, is based on the measurement of the speed of ultrasonic waves (SOS) propagating along the bone. This patented technology enables accurate, non-invasive, and radiation-free testing for premature infants.

Bone Assessment You Can Rely On
Omnipath® technology enables measurement along the bone's maximal strength axis, eliminating soft tissue effects and providing an accurate diagnosis. It measures qualitative bone properties, including elasticity, cortical thickness, and bone microarchitecture, as well as bone density, to produce an accurate picture of bone mineralization in neonates.

Speed of Sound
PREMIER generates inaudible high-frequency pulsed acoustic waves, which are successively transmitted and received by transducers embedded in the hand-held ultrasound probe. By measuring the propagation time along the different trajectories (Time of Flight), the SOS of the bone is determined.

US PATENT # 6221019 (International patents pending)

Not for sale in the United States

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