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Premier Bone Assessment for the First Months of Life
PREMIER provides the only method available for the safe and accurate bone assessment of pre-term infants. The widespread prevalence of Osteopenia of Prematurity among pre-term infants makes PREMIER an essential tool in hospital neonatal units.

The Need for Pre-term Bone Assessment
Pre-term babies donít achieve the bone mass normally accreted during the third trimester of pregnancy, and are often born with low bone mineralization. Days or weeks spent in NICUs further slow their bone development.
PREMIER enables tracking of neonate bone, using patented Omnipath® technology, to identify babies whose bones are underdeveloped.

Tracking Bone Development
PREMIER provides non-invasive and radiation-free measurement with a mobile, compact and user-friendly device especially developed for the measurement of pre-term infants. Its low measurement error provides sensitivity to small changes in the bone and permits frequent monitoring of premature infant bone.

PREMIER automatically compares Speed of Sound measurements to a built-in reference database which portrays the intrauterine development curve of healthy bone.

The device is CE approved.

The device is also available mounted on a mobile cart.

Not for sale in the United States