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Osteoporosis a Silent Killer - The Tribune (Hindi edition)

New Delhi, 18 June 08 (Varta)  In India there are more than 300 million people, suffering from osteoporosis.  If an individual takes care of his/her eating habit, living style, & does some physical exercises then the osteoporosis can be controlled.  Osteoporosis is a silent killer as the disease can make an individual confined to bed for long periods.

On the management of osteoporosis, Mr. Mahesh Chander Sharma, Director South Asia BeamMed Ltd spoke to the press and shared his views on osteoporosis. He said that according to the International osteoporosis foundation (IOF), 2 out of 3 women are suffering from osteoporosis in India & 1 out of 3 women are suffering globally.  So bone mineral density test is very import for prevention of the osteoporosis at the right time he said that this disease start affecting women after menopause because in this period the production of estrogen hormone are stopped.  As a result due to imbalance of hormone it affects the whole skeleton & slowly bones start weakening, that’s why an old person get fracture with a minor injury & fall.

The famous geriatrician Dr. O. P. Sharma has said that there is only cure of this disease is to get bone mineral density test by time to time, specially after 50 years it is important.  He said that the reason of the weak bone could be poor eating habits, changing life style and lack of sunlight.  It is because the body doesn’t utilize the vitamin ‘D-3’.

He also said that bone mineral density test is necessary after 50 years a patient should be tested once in a year.  Proper intake of vitamin d, milk, protein can prevent patient from osteoporosis.

For the diagnosis of osteoporosis & other bone related disease “BeamMed Ltd” has introduced OMNISENSE, TETRAX & BONAGE in the market.  It can help doctors to diagnose the bone related results.

Sandhaya Vir Arjun (Late afternoon edition)


New Delhi: 22nd June 08

Human bones development & weakness bones in aged was discussed by Mr. Mahesh Chander, Director South Asia, BeamMed Ltd at Chelmsford club.  This Israeli company has brought three new technologies to Indian market & these wonderful technologies are not only better for health but also 5 times more precise than old DXA machines.

OMNISENSE, BONAGE & TETRAX DEVICES assesses & analyzes the problem of bone, finding out the estimated height of young one’s on adulthood and useful to avoid bones fracture related problems.  Although test of these devices and their tests are still out of reach of common people of India, being costlier, efforts are being made to get them in govt. and other hospitals.

On the occasion, questions of press are responded back by Mr. Ta Marom, CEO BeamMed Ltd. & eminent Geriatrician & Gerontologist Dr. O. P. Sharma.

In-Dino (These Day) New Delhi Friday, 20 June 2008

Chief Correspondent
New Delhi, 19 June. As per the figure of Indian population of Aged and School going children mostly suffer from diseases of the bones. Thus it is important that bone of children and aged are strong.

A new technology has been developed to help the growth, strength and height of the bones.

This is technology of Bone Health and fall prevention.  “BeamMed Sunlight” company under the aeges of Mr. Tal Marom CEO (Israel based), Dr. OP Sharma and Mr. Mahesh Chander gave the above information in a press conference. This new technology includes three devices.  These are Omnisense, BonAge, and Tetrax.  It is claimed that Omnisense is a wonderful medical device that is portable and free from hazardous radiations.  BonAge is another Hi-tech technology with which the growth of this nature in children is assessed. This device is also helpful in attaining the correct height. Thus this device can be used to assess the growth of bone and estimated height.

Balance assessment is done and Biofeed back training with this technic can improve balance.  In aged person the fractures mostly happen due bad balance, vertigo and giddiness.