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Multi-Site Advantage
Omnisense's unique probe technology is the only one of its kind. By enabling multi-site measurements, the Omnisense probe system provides you with greater diagnostic ability and enhanced measurement flexibility.

Getting The Whole Picture
Due to the systemic nature of osteoporosis, having a multiple site option provides an overall picture of the skeleton and offers many advantages to the physician:

  Combining measurement results of different skeletal       sites can optimize fracture risk assessment.

  Using multiple measurement sites enables the       physician to overcome the dilemma of how to diagnose       patients who:
       have a clinical indication of osteoporosis but whose
           measurement results do not support this.
       are not clearly defined and require a more
           conclusive diagnosis.

Monitoring Response To Treatment
Different bones respond to treatment at varying rates and degrees. Using multi-site measurements, the physician can identify and monitor small bone changes in a relatively short period of time, allowing more effective monitoring and treatment decisions.

For further reading on the advantages of multi-site measurements, please refer to the following abstracts:

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