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Beam Med Ltd. India Office Inaugurated in Delhi

Indian Representative office of BeamMed Ltd was  formally inaugurated by Mr. Tal Marom C E O of the company on 17th June 08. With this new development BeamMed Ltd, brings its innovative Sunlight research technologies to India, and the region of SAARC countries

This new office will enhance our capabilities to coordinate better with central and state govt. agencies working towards providing much service to the needy at the Primary healthcare level in urban and rural India, and the region around.

BeamMed’s Sunlight range of point of the care and state of the art systems include the following:

Omnisense Bone assessment sonometers based Sunlight Medical’s patent “Omnipath” technology, are used globally by physicians for precise and accurate measurement of bone status at multiple sites.

BonAge - World’s only ultrasound based device to ascertain Biological age of children and adults. BonAge also gives the estimated maximum height of children can attain.

Tetrax, providing the most effective management of patients suffering from Postural Imbalance by measuring the fall risk and analysing the root cause of such imbalance, in addition to general instability. Sports medicine, preventive medicine and rehabilitation are the key areas where usage of Tetrax is well researched and documented.

TETRAX can also be effectively used to diagnose the status of postural balance and improve the patient condition with help of Biofeedback training.

BeamMed associates in the region have team of well trained engineers to assure efficient marketing and post sales services to our users. These experts assure uninterrupted and correct usage of these equipments for the benefit of the suffering patients.

For more information, please contact info@beammed.com