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Sunlight Literature - Abstracts 2005

Multi-site Ultrasound and Vertebral Deformity: Findings from the Canadian Multicentre Osteoporosis Study (CaMoS)
     W.P. Olszynski, J.D. Adachi, G. Ioannidis, D.A. Hanley, J.P. Brown, K.S. Davison
     Presented 2005

  Bone Age
Evaluation of bone age measurement of child by Sunlight BonAge system
     Naoto Shimura, Satomi Koyama, Osamu Arisaka, Sanae Kanazawa, Mariko Imataka, Michiko Matsuura, Koshi Sato
     Presented 2005

Examination of infant bone status with quantitative ultrasound at birth
     Liao XP, Zhang WL, He JM, Sun JH, Huang P.
     Presented 2005
Evaluation of a new multi-site quantitative ultrasound device - short- and long-term precision and normative
     data for Caucasian girls in childhood and puberty
     A. Oldenburg, O. Bock, D. Felsenberg
     Presented 2005
A longitudinal study of lower limb length and tibial speed of sound in preterm infants: relationship with
     biochemical markers of bone turnover
     J. May, J. Dutton, J. Morris, W. Fraser, A. Emmerson and Z. Mughal
     Presented 2005
Longitudinal Monitoring of Bone Measured by Quantitative Multisite Ultrasound in Patients with Crohn's Disease
     Z. Zadik, T. Sinai, R. Reifen
     Presented 2005
Dual Energy X-ray Absorptiometry Is More Dependent on Body Size and Composition than Quantitative
     Ultrasound in Measuring Bone Status in Children
     D. Wang and S.A. Atkinson
     Presented 2005