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Sunlight Literature - Abstracts 2004

Risk of fracture by combined assessment of bone strength and falling index
     L. Tsoref, A. Lambez, T. Schwartz
     Presented 2004

  Bone Age
Ultrasonic Bone Age Assessment in Children
     Z. Zadik, A Zung, E. Borondukov, I. Yaniv
     Presented 2004
An Innovative Ultrasonic Method for Bone Age Assessment of Israeli and Chinese Children
     J. Yu, Z. Zadik, A. Golander, T. Bistritzer, I. Yaniv, L. Tsoref, T. Schwartz
     Presented 2004
Assessment of skeletal age in children and adolescents using radius sonography in comparison
     to standardised radiography
     H.J. Mentzel, C. Vilser, M. Eulenstein, T. Schwartz, J. Bottcher, S. Vogt, I. Yaniv, E. Kauf, W.A. Kaiser
     Presented 2004
Assessing Bone Age In Children With Delayed Development Using Ultrasound
     Z. Zadik, T. Bistritzer, T. Schwartz, L. Tsoref, I. Yaniv
     Presented 2004

Bone Strength in Growth Hormone Treated and Untreated Children with Different GH Secretory Status
     Z. Zadik, A. Zung
     Presented 2004
Clinical and Treatment Variables Influencing Bone Strength (Measured by Bone Ultrasound)
     M. Mathur, N. Desai, S. Rim, J. Weedon
     Presented 2004
Tibial Bone Speed of Sound in Independently Walking Children with Hemiplegic Cerebral Palsy
     R. H. Regev, O. Friedland, L. Herzog, T. Dolfin, S. Arnon, I. Litmanowitz, S. Bauer, A. Eliakim
     Presented 2004
Quantitative ultrasound measurement of the speed of sound in the bone of children and adolescents
      who are post renal transplantation
     H.-J. Mentzel, A. Malich1, U. John, T. Schwartz, J. B÷ttcher, S. Vogt, I. Yaniv, J. Misselwitz, W.A. Kaiser
     Presented 2004