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Sunlight Literature - Abstracts 2003

  Osteoporosis Management
Does Combining Sites Improve Fracture Discrimination?
    K.M. Knapp, G.M. Blake, T.D. Spector & I. Fogelman
    Presented 2003

  Bone Age
Ultrasonography Technology for the Assessment of Bone Health in Children
    I. Yaniv, L. Tsoref
    Presented 2003
A Novel Method for Assessing Bone Age Using Ultrasound
    Z. Zadik, T. Bistrizer, L. Tsoref, T. Schwartz, I. Yaniv
    Presented 2003
A Novel Ultrasound Method to Assess Skeletal Maturity
    Z. Zadik, A. Zung, L. Tsoref, T. Schwartz, Z. Bistritzer, I. Yaniv
    Presented 2003

Longitudinal Monitoring Of Bone Development Measured by Quantitative Ultrasound Of Bones (QUS) In
    Patients With Inflamatory Bowel Disease
    Z. Zadik, D. Prais, I. Yaniv, A. Kattan
    Presented 2003
How to Predict Fracture Propensity in Turner Syndrome?
    N. Zuckerman-Levin, I. Yaniv, T. Schwartz, H. Guttmann, Z. Hochberg
    Presented 2003
Assessment of Bone Strength in Children with HIV/AIDS on HAART Using a Novel Non-Invasive Bone Ultrasound
    N. Desai, M. Mathur
    Presented 2003
Bone Quantitative Ultrasound And Nutritional Status In Severely Handicapped Institutionalized Children And Adolescents
    C. Hartman, R. Briks, A. Tamir, R. Shamir
    Presented 2003

  Bone Strength in Premature Infants
Bone Speed of Sound in Small for Gestational Age Neonates
    Y. Littner, D. Mandel, F.B. Mimouni and S. Dollberg
    Presented 2003
Factors Associated with Initial Quantitative Ultrasound Measurement of Bone Status in Premature Infants
    L. Pereda, T. Ashmeade, J. Carver, J. Zaritt
    Presented 2003
Impact of Prematurity on Longitudinal Measurement of Bone Status as Measured by Quantitative Ultrasound
    L.A. Pereda, T. Ashmeade, J. Zaritt, J. Carver
    Presented 2003
Early physical activity intervention prevents decrease of bone strength in very low birth weight infants
    O. Friedland, T. Dolfin, S. Arnon, R. Regev, R. Shainkin-Kestenbaum, M. Lis, A. Eliakim, I. Litmanovitz
    Presented 2003

  Veterinary Bone Assessment
Quantitative Ultrasound Measurements In The Third Metacarpal Bone Of Cadaver Specimens Of
     Thoroughbred Race Horses: A Preliminary Study
    E.R. Singer, T.D.H. Parkin, M.B. Hurtig
    Presented 2003
Changes in Bone Properties after Extracorporeal Shock Wave Application to the Third Metacarpus of Horses
     J.D. Hubert, D.J. Burba, D.M. Bolt, J.M. Blackmer, G. Hosgood
    Presented 2003