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About Sunlight and BeamMed Ltd

Sunlight, originally founded in 1995, is a brand owned by BeamMed Ltd active in a wide range of medical fields. BeamMed Ltd is a technology company dedicated to building advanced solutions that improve care, treatment and outcomes.

BeamMed operates research and development headquarters in Israel and regional subsidiaries in Asia. In addition, it has strong sales and distribution channels in key markets within Europe, North and South America, the Far East and Asia and has sold thousands of its units worldwide.
With its expertise in advanced ultrasound technologies, BeamMed is today a leading player in the global osteoporosis diagnosis and bone strength market.

Sunlight Products
Sunlight devices with radiation-free, user-friendly technologies to provide services that fit physicians' needs, are marketed both to small practices and to hospitals.
The products are very reliable, highly accurate, moderately priced, and offer a profitable business model.

Sunlight osteoporosis management products include:

  • Sunlight OmnisenseŽ 7000S, a noninvasive quantitative-ultrasound device developed for quick, user-friendly assessment of fracture risk and osteoporosis management
  • Sunlight OmnisenseŽ 8000S, the world's only multi-site portable bone assessment device.
  • Tetrax, a unique posturography system which measures balance at four different reference points, is used to measure stability for elderly patients and other patients with balance problems.

Products for the pediatric market include:

  • Sunlight BonAge, a innovative quantitative ultrasound device for accurate bone age evaluation
  • Sunlight OmnisenseŽ 7000P for monitoring bone development in children and adolescents,
  • Sunlight PREMIER for bone assessment in premature babies.