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Sunlight Ultrasound Technologies Changes its Names to Sunlight Medical Ltd.
Rehovot, Israel (March 31, 2000) Sunlight Ultrasound Technologies today announced its new name, Sunlight Medical Ltd.

"The new name emphasizes our company’s commitment to provide more that ultrasound technology to primary care," said Dr. Chen Barir, Chairman and CEO. "We kept the name 'Sunlight' because of the significant recognition the brand already enjoys as the market leader in the field of ultrasound-based bone sonometry."

Sunlight's flagship product, Sunlight OmnisenseTM, is used in more than 20 countries for osteoporosis diagnosis and bone change monitoring. It is the only ultrasound-based device capable of measuring at multiple skeletal sites, leading to better accuracy and precision than the other methods of bone assessment.

Sunlight is an international company headquartered in Rehovot, Israel. The company manufactures and markets medical equipment worldwide and has established itself as a market leader in providing technology solutions for primary care.