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Revolutionary Device for the Diagnosis of Osteoporosis is Being Launched in the International Market
Rehovot, Israel (April 1, 1999) Sunlight Ultrasound Technologies has developed and patented a breakthrough ultrasound device for aiding in the diagnosis and monitoring of osteoporosis - Sunlight Omnisense™. This one-of-a-kind device can measure bone strength at multiple skeletal sites, enabling unprecedented accuracy and precision in prediction of fracture risk. In addition, the device is compact, economic, and user- and patient-friendly, and can be easily installed in primary care facilities.

Omnisense was launched in both Turkey and China last month with very encouraging results, garnering much enthusiasm in both medical communities. Additional product launches will be held in Norway and Portugal in the coming month.

Gynecologists, radiologists and menopause specialists from all over Turkey met at the Hotel Princess in Istanbul on March 29, 1999, to learn more about this revolutionary new ultrasound device. Professor Pors Nielsen of Denmark, an internationally renowned expert on osteoporosis, and Dr. Sansin Tuzun, Associate Professor at Istanbul University Cerrahpaa Medical Faculty, Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation Department, delivered presentations attesting to the superiority of Omnisense over traditional diagnostic methods.

At the same time, Professor Zhu Hanmin, Vice President of Shanghai Huadong Hospital and Director of the Shanghai Osteoporosis Society, chaired a meeting in Shanghai that was dedicated to the discussion and evaluation of Omnisense. Over 100 osteoporosis specialists and hospital administrators from major medical centers in China attended the meeting. Keynote speakers included Dr. Didier Hans, recognized expert on osteoporosis diagnostic technologies from the University of Geneva, and Professor Lin Hua, the Director of Orthopedics at the Affiliated Hospital of Nanjing Medical College. Professor Lin presented a comparative study between DXA and Omnisense, which concluded that Omnisense had superior diagnostic capabilities.

Osteoporosis, a global epidemic, is responsible for more than 1.5 million fractures annually. Statistics show that every second woman over the age of 60 will be affected by osteoporosis. In fact a woman's risk of hip fracture, the most dangerous of all osteoporosis-related fractures, is equal to her combined risk of breast, uterine and ovarian cancer.

New treatments for osteoporosis have created a need for routine screenings that can help in the detection and prevention of osteoporosis. Sunlight Omnisense, with its quick and convenient test performed in the comfort of the physician's office or clinic, fills that need.