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One Hundred Doctors from all over Turkey Meet in Istanbul to Learn about the Omnisense Device
Istanbul, Turkey (March 25, 1999) Specialists from all over Turkey met in Istanbul to learn about a revolutionary new ultrasound device for the diagnosis of osteoporosis from Sunlight Ultrasound Technologies - the Omnisense™ bone sonometer. Experts on osteoporosis and on Omnisense came from Denmark and Israel to introduce this breakthrough device to the Turkish medical community.

Sunlight Ultrasound Technologies has developed and patented a breakthrough ultrasound device for the diagnosis of osteoporosis. This one-of-a-kind device has the ability to measure bone strength at multiple skeletal sites, enhancing accuracy and precision. Designed specifically for use in primary care facilities, the device is compact, economic, and easy to use.

Osteoporosis, a global epidemic, is responsible for more than 1.5 million fractures annually. Statistics show that every second woman over the age of 60 will be affected by osteoporosis. In fact a woman's risk of hip fracture, the most dangerous of all osteoporosis-related fractures, is equal to her combined risk of breast, uterine and ovarian cancer.

New treatments for osteoporosis have created a need for routine screenings that can help in the detection and prevention of osteoporosis. The Sunlight Omnisense, with its quick and convenient test performed in the comfort of the physician's office or clinic, fills that need.

Cosmo Medikal of Istanbul, Sunlight's representative in Turkey, has already installed numerous devices in university centers as well as in private diagnostic clinics. The device's ease of use, comfort, and convenience has generated positive feedback from doctors and patients alike.