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Tetrax for Sports Medicine

Sports medicine practitioners and coaches around the world use Tetrax balance assessment as a regular part of their athletes' schedules, using both the assessment and training modules as a tool to track and improve balance skills.

Comprehensive research studies using the device are underway in various European countries, in universities, government ministries, and sports clubs.

Balance Assessment
Balance assessment in used in assessing the progress of rehabilitation from sports injuries and in testing the effects of specific fields of sports on athletes' functioning. Other uses are help in measuring proprioceptive abilities and diagnosing injuries to joint structures. The device is also used to assess level of fatigue and to help determine the timing and frequency of training.

Balance Training
Balance training with Tetrax biofeedback exercises are designed at many different levels to help athletes improve their balance abilities. The "blind" and cognitive options in some exercises bring the training to yet another level, aiding the athlete in the development of his balance abilities, a key component in many sports activities. Each exercise provides results that can be compared to previous results, in order to to monitor changes and improvement.

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