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Tetrax Balance Assessment

Diagnosing A Wide Range of Problems
Tetrax is used to diagnose and manage a wide range of problems, including:

  Risk of fall evaluation
  Vertigo and dizziness
  Whiplash injuries and their long-term effects
  Effects of fatigue and circadian changes on balance control
  Effects of drugs and intoxication on balance
  Evaluation of fitness
  Evaluation of balance disorders in children as related to mental development

Balance result sheet
Clinically Proven
A wide range of clinical studies have demonstrated the utility of the Tetrax device in all of the above categories. In addition, because of its friendliness and short testing time (4 to 8 minutes) the Tetrax system has proven itself to be a posturographic method of choice for all types of patients, including the physically handicapped and children, as well as preschoolers and autistics.

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