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Wallach Surgical To Distribute Sunlight Products
(Orange, CT, and Tel Aviv, Israel, August 14, 2003) - Wallach Surgical Devices, Inc. (Orange CT) and Sunlight Medical Ltd. (Tel-Aviv Israel) today announced a cooperative agreement for the distribution of the Sunlight Omnisense series of bone densitometers in the United States, to begin on September 1, 2003.

Wallach Surgical Devices, Inc. is a leading provider of medical products for OB/GYN, family practice and internal medicine, with an emphasis on women's care. Wallach is particularly well suited to increase distributor focus on Sunlight Medical's Omnisense systems, which monitor osteoporosis, a problem especially prevalent among women. Wallach's sales team of 35 representatives and its established relationships with national distributors such as Cardinal, Caligor, McKesson, and PSS will improve distribution of Sunlight Omnisense throughout the United States.

Sunlight Omnisense, a medical diagnostic device for bone assessment and osteoporosis monitoring, is the only multi-site, radiation-free device of its type available anywhere in the world. Its accuracy and ease of use have led to wide acceptance since its introduction in the United States through Sunlight's own subsidiary Sunlight Medical, Inc., with an installed base of hundreds of units.

This agreement creates substantial benefits for both companies and their customers. Wallach's customers and distributors will benefit from gaining access to an excellent diagnostic solution targeting the improvement of women's health. Sunlight customers will enjoy the enhanced service and product availability created by Wallach's strong distribution and support network, combined with an outstanding name recognition and market presence.

Mr. Ron Wallach, the chairman of Wallach Surgical, sees the agreement as an extension of the products currently offered by Wallach. "Sunlight Omnisense has many advantages over comparable products, as we found in a comprehensive evaluation we conducted of all available bone assessment devices. We expect that the device will fit well into our line, providing our customers and distributors the opportunity to meet virtually all their equipment needs. Our customer will get the best equipment value, while being able to buy what they need quickly and efficiently. This is the best of one-stop shopping."

Sunlight's CEO Mr. Amir Noy comments: "We see Wallach as the optimal partner for expanding our services in the United States. Wallach, with its many years of experience in the medical device market, will work with Sunlight to better serve the fast-growing market of osteoporosis diagnosis and monitoring."

Sunlight Medical, Ltd. is a medical equipment company, which develops, manufactures, and markets advanced medical devices for primary care facilities in over 30 countries around the world. As a market-driven company using cutting-edge technology, Sunlight provides innovative, easy-to-use products for gynecologists, family physicians, internists, pediatricians, orthopedists, and others. Its devices are used for the diagnosis and management of osteoporosis, bone age evaluation, bone strength assessment, and more.

Wallach Surgical Devices, Inc. is a medical instrument company specializing in the design and manufacture of diagnostic and therapeutic products primarily for in-office use. The core group of Wallach Surgical's devices are in the field of women's health care. Selected products are manufactured for other specialties, including dermatology, ophthalmology, anesthesiology, dental and veterinary medicine. Products currently offered by Wallach include colposcopes, electrosurgical systems, cryosurgical systems, fetal monitors (produced by Oxford Instruments) and a full complement of single-patient use items.