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A Step Forward in Stability Testing
(Düsseldorf, Germany, November 19, 2003) - A unique method of balance assessment is now available from Sunlight Medical, marking a step forward in stability testing and follow-up. The Tetrax device, already widely acclaimed by users in Europe and the Middle East, is now being produced and marketed by Sunlight Medical, a cutting-edge international medical device company known for its technology-intensive solutions. Sunlight is currently a market leader in the field of ultrasound osteoporosis management. With the recent increase in awareness of fracture risk, the device is expected to provide added value in osteoporosis management by testing stability as well as bone strength.

Stability testing at four difference reference points is available only from the Tetrax balance system. This unique testing method provides traditional as well as new parameters of postural control, including synchronizations, diagonal weight shifts and weight distribution harmony, all of which are not available on any other posturographic device. These parameters are invaluable in revealing the source of instability to the physician, guiding him in choosing the best course of treatment for his patients.

Balance testing can detect and evaluate vertigo and dizziness, whiplash injuries, stroke injuries, fatigue problems, drug interactions, and intoxication. "Measurement results produced by Tetrax's four-point balance platforms," explains the device's inventor, Prof. Cohen-Raz, "can reveal the sources of disability, thanks to unique methods of analysis that we developed. No other device can measure instability and pinpoint the source of balance problems as accurately and reliably as Tetrax."

Sunlight's medical director, Dr. Irit Yaniv, echoes his enthusiasm. "Tetrax has proved itself in clinical trials and in clinical practice with thousands of patients around the world. We expect that wider sales of Tetrax will make balance testing with the device an essential part of the standard physician's examination. The elderly, especially, need such testing on a regular basis."

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