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Sunlight Introduces Ultrasound-based Bone Age Testing
(Düsseldorf, Germany, November 19, 2003) - Sunlight unveiled its latest product, an ultrasound-based device to test skeletal age in children and adolescents, at the Medica Trade Fair in DŁsseldorf, Germany on November 19. BonAge, a revolutionary diagnostic device, provides accurate bone age scores based on non-invasive ultrasound measurement, eliminating the need for X-rays. Users of the device praise its accuracy and user-friendliness, which make it a highly attractive choice for skeletal age testing for children and adolescents.

Bone age assessment (also known as skeletal maturity testing) is carried out regularly by pediatricians and pediatric endocrinologists, usually in cases of short stature - some 5% of the pediatric population. This testing is used to identify growth patterns and deficiencies for pediatric patients, and provides more accurate information about the developmental status of a child than can be inferred from height, weight, and age alone. Radiation-free measurement with BonAge permits physicians to test for bone age at their clinic without referring patients to diagnostic centers - a significant advantage for patients and physicians alike.

Sunlight's new device, in contrast to X-ray-based skeletal assessment, provides an on-the-spot bone age result in years and months, with results shown to be highly correlated to results produced by the traditional method of comparison of X-rays to the Gruelich and Pyle Atlas.

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