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Sunlight to Restructure US Office, Market New Products in US
(Somerset, NJ, and Tel Aviv, Israel, August 21, 2003) - Sunlight Medical today announced the restructuring of its US office, with the aim of increasing the range of distribution of its popular Omnisense 7000S, while concentrating other efforts on upcoming products that the company expects to bring to the US market within a year. Under the new structure, Sunlight Medical Inc. will be continuing its operations under the leadership of David Helowicz, formerly the company's sales manager. Markus Maritz, former President of Sunlight Medical, Inc. will support Sunlight operations as a consultant.

Sunlight Medical and Wallach Surgical signed a cooperative agreement for the distribution of the Sunlight Omnisense series of bone densitometers in the United States, to begin on September 1, 2003, in a move expected to improve distribution of Sunlight Omnisense throughout the United States. At the same time, Sunlight Medical, Inc. will continue to support sales and service of Sunlight Omnisense products to Mexico, Latin America and Canada.

Sunlight Medical, Inc. will be concentrating on preparing the market launch of a series of new products to be introduced in the United States in the near future. These products include Sunlight BonAge, a unique ultrasound-based bone age testing product, and Sunlight Omnisense® 7000P, a bone assessment product for children and adolescents. Both devices will be submitted in the next few months to the FDA for approval for use for pediatric populations in the United States, and are currently available in the US for research use only.

Sunlight BonAge is a quantitative ultrasound device for accurate radiation-free skeletal maturity assessment for children and adolescents. The device provides objective, operator-independent bone age results based on the widely accepted Greulich and Pyle method. For use in clinics and hospitals, the device provides a safe, patient-friendly alternative to the hand X-rays used today to evaluate bone age. Added features that include bone assessment with Omnisense 7000P and anthropometric tracking make the device an invaluable aid for the physician.

Sunlight's VP for research and development, Dr. Irit Yaniv, explains, "Sunlight BonAge fills a major market need for pediatricians. Today, bone age testing means taking an X-ray of the child's hand and having it evaluated by an expert. In comparison, measurement with BonAge is radiation-free and provides on-the-spot results in the form of a bone age score in years and months. This quicker and simpler testing brings bone age testing within the scope of the primary care physician."

Sunlight Medical, Ltd. is an international medical equipment company, which develops, manufactures, and markets advanced medical devices for primary care facilities. Its US office opened in 2001, and has sold hundreds of osteoporosis testing units since. Amir Noy, Sunlight's CEO, is pleased with the market position reached by Sunlight in the US. "Markus Maritz, who served as President of Sunlight Medical, Inc. for three years, has helped Sunlight expand beyond our original expectations. His efforts have helped bring Sunlight USA to where it is today," he stresses.

As a market-driven company using cutting-edge technology, Sunlight provides innovative, easy-to-use products for the diagnosis and management of osteoporosis, bone strength assessment, bone age evaluation, and more. Its products are used by gynecologists, family physicians, internists, pediatricians, orthopedists, and others in over 30 countries around the world.