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Finding the Right Balance -
Sunlight Unveils Balance Training Module for Sports Medicine
(Nashville, TN, USA, June 1, 2005) - Sunlight Medical, a world leader in hi-tech medical devices, has unveiled a new device for balance assessment and biofeedback training for athletes. With the new Tetrax biofeedback software, athletes can now improve their reaction time, weight distribution, and more, as well as aid the injury rehabilitation process.

The device, which provides a series of more than 10 challenge training exercises with biofeedback, is seen as a natural next step following balance testing for athletes and others in need of rehabilitation. Yair Leopold, Sunlight's VP Sales and Marketing, explains its importance. "Following the success of balance testing in sports medicine, including use of the device in comprehensive programs in Europe, balance training can help athletes meet the goals learned from test results," he explains. "Balance testing is especially useful for athletes following rehabilitation from a sports injury, and balance training with Tetrax can help further rehabilitation efforts."

Balance training with Tetrax biofeedback exercises is available as a mobile training module for installation on a standard PC or laptop computer, or as a complete balance training and assessment system. Together with the training software, the powerful balance assessment capabilities of the Tetrax device, which can pinpoint the source of a patient's instability, create a valuable complete tool for diagnosis and treatment.

The exercises are designed at many different levels to help athletes improve their balance abilities, including "blind" options (when the player must follow instructions with an intermittently visible and invisible target) and cognitive options (with cognitive tasks alongside balance tasks) for some exercises. Together, these exercise options help the athlete improve his balance - a key component in superior athletic performance.

Sunlight Medical, a pioneering international company, develops, manufactures, and markets advanced medical devices for use in primary care facilities and hospitals worldwide. As a market-driven company using cutting-edge technology, Sunlight provides innovative, easy-to-use products for gynecologists, orthopedists, family physicians, internists, and others. Sunlight is currently a market leader in the field of ultrasound osteoporosis management, with products sold in over 30 countries worldwide.

To learn more about Sunlight's balance training module or other Sunlight products, contact Yair Leopold, VP Sales and Marketing, at 972-53-343-9501. For US sales, contact David J. Helowicz at OPS Medical, Sunlight's US representative, at (800) 750-6011 or by e-mail at david@sunlightnet.com.