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PREMIER Bone Assessment for Pre-terms Introduced at PAS Exhibition
Baltimore, Maryland, U.S.A. (May 7, 2002) - Sunlight Omnisense™ PREMIER™, the only available non-invasive bone assessment device for pre-term infants, was introduced to pediatric specialists at the PAS exhibition in Baltimore on May 4-7.

Sunlight Omnisense™ PREMIER™ uses quantitative ultrasound to measure bone mineralization in premature babies. A substantial percentage of pre-terms suffer from insufficient bone mineralization in utero, but most are never diagnosed because currently available tests, which are all invasive, are not feasible. PREMIER fills this important need by providing bone assessment for pre-terms especially designed for the NICU environment. Using a proprietary ultrasound technology, PREMIER provides non-invasive, radiation-free bone measurement for babies, even inside incubators. A unique reference database of premature and full-term infants permits comparison and evaluation of bone strength even for the smallest pre-terms.

A recent study showed the benefits of early physical activity intervention for very low birth weight premature infants. The study compared pre-term babies who were exercised in the NICU for 5-10 minutes daily with a control group. At the end of the study period, the control group had lowered bone mineralization, while the study group, whose limbs were exercised, showed a slight gain instead of a significant loss.

The study, presented at PAS 2002, measured the infants' bones with Sunlight Omnisense™ PREMIER™. Another study presented at the conference in a poster session reinforced the importance of physical activity for pre-term infants, as tracked by PREMIER. With the possibility of a physical activity regimen to increase infants' bone strength, along with nutritional supplements, the accurate measurement and tracking of bone strength has become even more important to NICU physicians.

Clinical studies have shown that bone strength for premature babies remains reduced for at least six years after birth. This fact, coupled with current awareness of the effect of children's lifestyles on their bone strength, has sparked researchers' interest in PREMIER and its pediatric counterpart, Sunlight Omnisense™ 7000P (designed for ages 0-20).

Sunlight Medical, the manufacturer of the device, develops, manufactures, and markets advanced, high-technology medical devices for use at primary care facilities and hospitals. Currently, Sunlight distributes PREMIER around the world for commercial use and in the United States for research use only.

For more information on Sunlight Medical, Inc. or the Sunlight Omnisense™ PREMIER bone sonometer, contact David Helowicz, US National Sales Manager, at (800) 750 6011, or chrp@sunlightnet.com. You may also visit Sunlight's website at www.sunlightmedical.com.