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NORA Study Recommends Primary Care Osteoporosis Management; Sunlight Omnisense™ 7000S Gains Popularity in Primary Care Setting
New York, New York, U.S.A. (April 15, 2002) - Osteoporosis testing in the doctor's office found strong support recently in the National Osteoporosis Risk Assessment (NORA) study, which concluded that osteoporosis diagnosis should be implemented in primary care. The vast numbers of undiagnosed osteoporotic and osteopenic women found by the study - nearly half of the post-menopausal women tested - confirm the urgent need for wide primary care access to osteoporosis diagnosis.

Recent trends have seen a growing awareness of osteoporosis, both among physicians and the population at large. Physicians in sync with this trend are urging post-menopausal women to be tested for osteoporosis, and concerned patients are interested in finding the simplest and most comfortable way to do this test. Sunlight Omnisense™ 7000S, developed especially for osteoporosis diagnosis in primary care, meets this need. Omnisense is today being hailed by physicians using the device across the United States as the most effective method of managing osteoporosis in the primary care setting.

Competitive advantages put Omnisense 7000S at the forefront of the primary care field. Omnisense provides the only available multi-site ultrasound bone assessment, combining the higher sensitivity of multi-site testing with the ease and safety of ultrasound measurement. Using a proprietary along-the-bone technology, it eliminates soft tissue effects for a precise, accurate diagnosis.

Markus Maritz, President of Sunlight Medical Inc., explains, "Physicians and patients are looking for a solution for the management of osteoporosis in primary care. Non-invasive, radiation-free and user-friendly, Omnisense is the answer. Growing sales of the device in the United States are making this clearer and clearer."

For more information on the Sunlight Omnisense™ 7000S bone sonometer or for a local demonstration, contact David Helowicz, National Sales Manager, at (800) 750 6011, ext. 318, or visit www.sunlightmedical.com.