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Sunlight Ultrasound Releases New Tools Capable of Assessing Bone Strength for the Diagnosis of Osteoporosis in a Previously Inaccessible Bone
Rehovot, Israel (January 1, 1999) Sunlight Ultrasound Technologies, a world leader in medical diagnostics, has announced an enhancement to the Omnisense bone sonometer. The newly released tools provide support for ultrasound readings at the metatarsal, a bone previously inaccessible by other devices. The enhanced tools include a new probe, new software, and a normative reference database specifically targeted to the metatarsal.

"This is an important addition to our multi-site capability," commented Dr. Irit Yaniv, Medical Director at Sunlight. "Our clinical studies provide concrete evidence that measurements at the metatarsal, in combination with other skeletal sites, offer remarkable precision, measurement flexibility, and treatment evaluation."

Sunlight Omnisense is the only ultrasound device capable of measurements at multiple skeletal sites, giving doctors a more accurate view of a patient's overall skeletal status. Sunlight Omnisense now includes normative databases to support measurements at four skeletal sites, including the radius (wrist), the phalanx (finger), tibia (lower leg), and now the metatarsal (foot).

"Multi-site capability combined with Omnisense's unique technology result in unmatched diagnostic precision, ease of use, and safety - at a much lower cost than traditional x-ray machines," explained Gal Almog, Executive Vice President for Marketing and Sales at Sunlight.