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Sunlight BonAge

Adult Height Prediction
BonAge provides an additional benefit for children measured for bone age with the device - a calculation of adult height for the child based on two accepted formulas, Bayley-Pinneau1 and Tanner-Whitehouse2.

These values provide physicians and patients with an estimation of final adult height and can play a part in decisions about interventions, including growth hormone treatment.

Calculation of Adult Height
Current height, menarche state, biological parents' height, bone age, and other factors all play a role in determining a patient's expected final adult height. The device uses the bone age determined by BonAge's ultrasound measurement for adult height calculation for both methods; other data relevant to adult height prediction is inputted in the device by the physician during the patient intake process.

What the Future Holds
The adult height prediction gives physicians and patients a concrete estimate of adult height that csan be used to help determine the next step in treatment of children with suspected or proven growth hormone deficiencies. Some patients may be best served with continued monitoring of bone age and adult height prediction; others can be reassured that adult height will be normal once pubertal growth is complete; and others will need growth hormone treatment.

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2. Tanner, J.M., Landt, K.W., Cameron, N., Carter B.S., and Patel, J., “Prediction of adult height from height and bone age in childhood,” Archives in Diseases in Childhood, 1983, 58, 767-776

In the United States, the BonAge device is available for research use only.