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Sunlight and Sonoring Team Up to Become the Market Leader in Germany for Osteoporosis Diagnosis
Rehovot, Israel (November 1, 1999) Sunlight Ultrasound Technologies Germany and Sonoring GmbH announced that the strategic partnership begun in June of this year has succeeded beyond all expectations. Established to market the Sunlight OmnisenseTM bone sonometer, the partnership has already achieved market leadership in Germany.

Over five million Germans currently suffer from osteoporosis. The cost of treating Germany's 50,000 annual hip fractures is nearly DM 1 billion. DM 42 million is spent on diagnosing osteoporosis and another DM 110 million is spent on treatment, with the figures increasing yearly.

Sunlight's one-of-a-kind device measures bone strength at multiple skeletal sites, enabling unprecedented accuracy and precision in the prediction of fracture risk. Omnisense is steadily replacing traditional X-ray based bone diagnostic devices (DXA). In addition to its superior accuracy and precision, the Omnisense device is a compact, economic, user- and patient-friendly device that can be easily installed in primary care facilities.

"Omnisense presents the best business opportunity for physicians who wish to expand the scope of services they provide," said Thomas Everding, General Manager for Sonoring. "Osteoporosis diagnosis has seen growing demand from both patients and physicians. The low cost of Omnisense allows for a surprisingly fast return on investment, even with low patient traffic."

Sonoring GmbH, a highly successful distribution organization comprising ten of the top dealers in Germany and 17 show rooms (Sonotech) focuses on sales in the ultrasound technology and primary care market. Sonoring is currently representing top brand names such as Toshiba, GE, and Esaote, among others.

"Sunlight's breakthrough technology and marketing expertise coupled with Sonoring's extensive experience in ultrasound distribution has proved to be a winning combination," said Mr. Gal Almog, Sunlight's Executive Vice President for Sales, Marketing & Business Development. "The osteoporosis and primary care markets in Germany are growing at a phenomenal pace. These markets demand an economic and reliable solution for osteoporosis diagnosis. Sunlight offers the ideal solution. Sonoring brings it home."