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Sunlight EQUS

Sunlight EQUS - Bone Measurement for Racehorses

Sunlight EQUS is a diagnostic ultrasonic device designed specifically for bone assessment of racehorses. Stress fractures during training are a major problem for these valuable athletes and their owners. Using EQUS, veterinarians can accurately estimate the injury risk of the individual horse and plan training and nutrition schedules around this knowledge. As the only device of its type available, EQUS can result in considerable savings for racehorse owners, by preventing injuries and avoiding the necessity to destroy costly horses who have suffered devastating injuries.

A Proven Method for Tracking Racehorse Bones
A number of clinical studies have shown that measurement with EQUS can accurately differentiate between injured and healthy horses and predict injury risk of horses based on comparison with a normative database. Measurement with the device is precise, reproducible, and independent of the effects of soft tissue and hair. Research has found that measurement with the device reflects both bone mineral density and mechanical properties of bone, presenting an accurate picture of the bone properties that affect injury risk.

The device uses the proven Omnipath technology and proprietary software used by Sunlight Omnisense™ 7000S, along with a unique equine reference database and a physical configuration designed for use with the equine population.

On-the-Spot Testing
EQUS is designed especially for use in stables. The portable EQUS carrying case permits simple set-up of the device in the stable, alongside the horse to be measured. The horse can be measured in a standing position without the need for sedation or prior shaving of the measurement sites. Measurement with the device is non-invasive and radiation-free, and requires only minimal operator training.

Additional Information
EQUS Bone Assessment - White Paper

Technical Specifications