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Sunlight EQUS - Literature
Sunlight is honored to be able to provide the following list of abstracts of published papers and
clinical abstracts by well-respected physicians and professors who are considered experts in
their field of specialty.

The abstracts serve to provide clinical data on the accuracy, precision and efficacy of Sunlight EQUS.
If you would like further information, please contact us.

Equine Third Metacarpal Bone Assessment by Quantitative Ultrasound and Dual Energy X-Ray Absorptiometry:
    An Ex vivo Study

    B. Carstanjen, F. Duboeuf, J. Detilleux, O.M. Lepage
    Published 2003
Changes in Bone Properties after Extracorporeal Shock Wave Application to the Third Metacarpus of Horses
    J.D. Hubert, D.J. Burba, D.M. Bolt, J.M. Blackmer, G. Hosgood
    Presented 2003
Use of Multisite Quantitative Ultrasonography for Noninvasive Assessment of Bone in Horses
    B.Carstanjen, O.M. Lepage, J. Detilleux, F. Duboeuf, H. Amory
    Published 2002
Non-Invasive Assessment of Equine Bone: An Update
    O.M. LePage, B. Carstanjen, D. Uebelhart
    Published 2001
Quantitative Ultrasound- and Dual X-Ray Absorptiometry- Measurements of the Third Metacarpal Bone
     in Horses: An In Vivo - Ex Vivo Study
    B. Carstanjen, F. Duboeuf, J. Detilleux, P. Barthez, O.M. Lepage
    Presented 2000
Effect of Age, Anatomic Site and Soft Tissue on Quantitative Ultrasound
    S. Pearce, M.B. Hurtig, J. Runciman, J. Dickey
    Presented 2000
Quantitative Ultrasound: A Non-Invasive Method for Bone Assessment in Thoroughbred Horses
    B. Carstanjen, O.M. LePage, P. Langlois
    Presented 1999
Multi Site Quantitative Ultrasound Measurement In Horses: Preliminary Results For Metacarpal Bone Assessment
    O.M. Lepage, C. Whitton, A. Danieli, Y. Niv
    Presented 1998

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