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Caligor Division of Henry Schein to Distribute Sunlight OmnisenseTM 7000S, Offering High-Precision, Office-Based Bone Strength Assessment Solution
Somerset, NJ, USA (June 14, 2001) Sunlight Medical Inc, a leading provider of point- of-care medical solutions, announced that it has entered into a non-exclusive distribution agreement with Caligor, a division of Henry Schein Inc., a leading full-service distributor of medical supplies and equipment, to sell the Sunlight OmnisenseTM 7000S bone strength assessment device. Under the terms of the agreement, Caligor has unlimited rights in the United States to distribute the Sunlight OmnisenseTM 7000S, which is a clinically-proven solution to assist physicians in the diagnosis of osteoporosis and to monitor bone changes over time at the point of care.

"Sunlight's emphasis on primary care makes them an ideal partner in our efforts to support our private physician customers working in the field of osteoporosis," stated Arthur Moran, vice president of Caligor Northeast. "The Sunlight OmnisenseTM 7000S bone sonometer is a high precision system designed specifically for the physician's office. This synergy between our two companies will enable us to serve our mutual customers at the highest level."

"Caligor's more than 200 sales professionals will strengthen our ability to bring the Sunlight Omnisense solution for osteoporosis management and follow-up to our physician customers," said David Helowicz, national sales manager of Sunlight Medical Inc. " Osteoporosis is a major threat to the world's aging population, and with more than 28 million Americans at risk, physicians and their patients want more than occasional testing. Working together, Sunlight and Caligor will be in an excellent position to answer this need."

The Sunlight OmnisenseTM 7000S bone sonometer, a bone strength assessment device, is equipped with patented OmnipathTM axial transmission technology. The device is an office-based solution to aid physicians in the diagnosis of osteoporosis and to easily monitor bone changes over time at the point of care. Clinical studies around the world confirm its accuracy and high precision level. The Sunlight OmnisenseTM 7000S is the first non-x-ray-based device with a Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved claim for monitoring bone changes which occur in the early years following menopause (50-65).

The Omnisense 7000S's patented technology, OmnipathTM , is a new concept in bone strength assessment. OmnipathTM technology non-invasively measures the speed of ultrasonic waves (SOS) propagating axially along the bone. According to Irit Yaniv, MD, medical director at Sunlight Medical, "By measuring along the bone, OmnipathTM technology eliminates inaccuracies caused by soft tissue factors and provides a comprehensive picture of bone strength taking into account such properties as bone mineral density, elasticity, cortical thickness, and micro-architecture, ultimately delivering a more accurate assessment of fracture risk."

Caligor, a division of Henry Schein Inc., is a full service distributor of medical supplies and equipment serving the U.S. market for over 70 years. The Caligor field sales force provides physicians of all specialties products and services that include pharmaceuticals and vaccines, medical/surgical supplies, business office supplies and a complete line of equipment. For more information on Caligor or to place an order on-line, please visit www.caligor.com.

Sunlight Medical, Inc. is the North American subsidiary of Sunlight Medical., an international company headquartered in Israel. Sunlight develops, manufactures, and markets cutting-edge medical devices for use in the office or clinic. Sunlight OmnisenseTM 7000S is sold in over 30 countries and has gained wide recognition in the international medical community. For more information on Sunlight Medical, Inc. or the Sunlight OmnisenseTM 7000S bone sonometer, contact David Helowicz at (800) 750 6011 or visit www.sunlightmedical.com.