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The BonAge Growth Module

Sunlight BonAge is designed to permit the physician to track the growth and development of the pediatric patient as well as to measure his bone age. For this purpose, the physician may input various growth information data in the fields of the patient information form. Various growth information inputted by the physician is displayed on-screen and in measurement reports, and percentile data is calculated according to gender- and ethnic-based reference curves1,2, in order to facilitate tracking of growth and development.

A bone strength measurement module is also available with the BonAge device, in order to track the bone strength parameter as part of the growth and development of the patient.

Information about a number of growth parameters inputted by the physician is provided in graphical format on-screen and in measurement reports. This example shows the patient's weight and age, superimposed on a series of curves that show normal values for weight at different ages, at different percentile ranks.

1. The “Growth reference curves: 2000 CDC Growth Charts: United States,” from the National Center for Health Statistics, published in Advance Data, U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, National Center for Health Statistics, No. 314, December 4, 2000 (Revised)
2. Li, H., Leung. S.S.F., Lam, P.K.W., Zhang, X., Chen, X.X., Wang, S.L., “Height and Weight percentile of Beijing children and adolescents 0-18 years, 1995,” Annals of Human Biology, 1999, vol. 26, no. 5, 457-471

The BonAge Growth Information Measurement Report
The BonAge growth information measurement report, which appears below, provides detailed result information for the patient to help the physician track his growth and development.

For a tour of the BonAge growth information measurement report (1722 KB), click here. If you would like to download the free Flash Reader required to view this tour, visit the Macromedia site at Macromedia Flash Player Download Center.

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