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Cooperation Agreements To Provide More Diagnostic Options with Omnisense
Ravensburg, Germany (November 20, 2002) - Cooperation agreements between Sunlight Medical and leading medical device manufacturers now provide added value for users of Sunlight Omnisense bone sonometers. ECG and spirometry diagnostic applications produced by Schiller AG and QRS Diagnostic have been adapted for use on Sunlight's compact and convenient devices. These additions to the Sunlight Omnisense 7000S and 8000S bone sonometers provide extra value at low cost for general practitioners, family practitioners, and internists.

Sunlight's bone assessment devices are recognized around the world for their accuracy, precision, and quick and convenient measurement procedure. Thousands of units are in use in hospitals and clinics worldwide for the diagnosis of osteoporosis and the determination of treatment schedules for patients. "Users of Sunlight Omnisense can now enjoy added cost-effectiveness and convenience in diagnosis with these new applications - a step forward for physicians and patients alike," explains Yfat Scialom, Sunlight's General Manager for Europe. "This grouping of products is expected to be a winning combination."

Both electrocardiogram options offer 12-lead electrocardiogram capabilities with real-time customizable ECG display and a wide variety of result and printout options. Computer-generated results include automatic QRS measurements displayed graphically and numerically and a preliminary interpretation of results.

Both spirometers offer diagnostic tests with real-time spirometry graphs using disposable breathing tubes. A wide variety of result and printout options are available. The detailed pulmonary function report generated by these tests includes comparison with healthy results and a preliminary diagnosis.

Sunlight Medical, the manufacturer of Sunlight Omnisense, is an international company with worldwide sales activities. Sunlight develops, manufactures, and markets advanced, high-technology medical devices for use in clinics and hospitals. Its innovative products are used by family doctors, gynecologists, orthopedists, pediatricians, internists, endocrinologists, and other physicians.

For more information about this unique cooperative venture, look at this new press release on the agreement with QRS.