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Sunlight Launches Mobile Device In Time For the Release of New Osteoporosis Testing Guidelines
Somerset, New Jersey (October 15, 2002) - Sunlight is now making its unique Omnipath™ ultrasound technology available in a small, transportable product. The new device, Sunlight Omnisense® 8000S, combines the well-established benefits of Sunlight's radiation-free bone assessment at multiple skeletal sites with a compact, mobile format. This product will assist health care providers in addressing the growing need for widespread osteoporosis testing, at any location.

The launch closely follows the U.S. Preventive Services Task Force (USPSTF) September 2002 recommendation that women 65 years of age and older be screened routinely for osteoporosis, and that women at increased risk for osteoporotic fractures undergo routine screening beginning at 60 years of age. "Omnisense 8000S provides the means for this widespread bone testing, with a device suitable for use at clinics, health fairs, occupational health checkups, and much more," explains Markus Maritz, the president of Sunlight Medical Inc.

The USPSTF recommendation reiterated the conclusion of the 2001 NORA study, to increase the availability of testing for osteoporosis with peripheral bone assessment devices at primary care, because primary care is the most accessible environment for the women who need bone assessment.

Sunlight Medical, the manufacturer of the device, is an international company with worldwide sales activities. Its high-tech medical devices are used in thousands of primary care facilities and hospitals around the world. For more information about Sunlight and the Omnisense 7000S bone sonometer, contact David Helowicz, National Sales Manager, at (800) 750 6011, ext. 318, or visit Sunlight's website at www.sunlightmedical.com.